Rediscovering 'Electric Dreams'

The Art of Storm Chasing and Hidden Gems

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Rediscovering 'Electric Dreams'

In the heart of the night, as the world lay shrouded in darkness, I found myself on the shores of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México, chasing a tempestuous dream. The date was etched into my memory: September 25th, 2021 — the night I bore witness to the untamed power of nature and encapsulated it in a single frame.

Back then, I didn't consider myself a storm chaser, merely an enthusiast. While I had captured a few bolts during storms since 2020, it wasn't until 2022 that I began purposefully chasing storms. And now, in 2023, I've fully committed to this pursuit, becoming the first person to chase storms in Sinaloa, Mexico.

As I prepared to document the Monsoon, I uncovered a deeper purpose to my artistry. Conversations with weather experts revealed a stark reality—a lack of weather stations in our region hindered the collection of vital data for accurate forecasts. This could have grave consequences in a region prone to natural disasters.

This realization became my mission, my legacy. I chose to use my passion for storm chasing as a force for good, to drive attention, raise funds, and support the cause of weather safety in Sinaloa. "Electric Dreams" stands not only as a testament to the beauty of nature but as a symbol of my dedication to this cause.

Now, as a full-time storm chaser, I've revisited my old works, like "Electric Dreams." I realized that sometimes, hidden gems lie in the past, waiting to be uncovered with fresh eyes and new perspectives. Storm chasing in Sinaloa is a new frontier, and we need all the visual documentation we can get to aid experts in understanding the Monsoon, preparing for future natural disasters.

"Electric Dreams" serves as a prime example of the treasures hidden in my archives. With a refined approach to processing and editing, I've breathed new life into this image. The distant storm, a whisper in the vast expanse, now tells a story not only of nature's power but also of my evolution as an artist.

This photograph transcends the confines of mere imagery; it serves as a portal to a realm where nature's ferocity intertwines with its ethereal grace. It's a poignant reminder that life extends beyond obligations and responsibilities, and it beckons you to embrace the wonders concealed within our world, even in the darkest of nights.

As you gaze upon this image, may it kindle a spark within your soul — an inspiration to seek the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to acknowledge the enchantment that saturates the world around us. Let "Electric Dreams" guide you into a universe of ceaseless wonder.

And remember, just as I have unearthed hidden gems in my art, you too can rediscover treasures from your past. Let this photograph be a testament to the value of revisiting old works, for in them, you may find unexpected rewards.

This blog post serves as an invitation, not only to appreciate the story of "Electric Dreams" but to become a part of its legacy. Be one of the 10 lucky collectors to hold one of the 10 editions of this masterpiece as a limited edition NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, as part of the Ocean World on Foundation curated by David Fairs, supporting the cause of weather safety in Sinaloa and celebrating the beauty and power of nature.

Sharing my journey with you fills me with excitement. I am determined to continue chasing these electrifying storms relentlessly to keep documenting the monsoon in my State, and to keep raising funds to buy those much needed weather stations. I invite you to join me on this exhilarating adventure, where you will witness my passion, efforts, and love for this craft. Through my photographs, I hope to inspire and connect with you, making you an integral part of my journey. Should you feel compelled to support me, whether by purchasing prints, digital collectibles, or any other form of support, your contribution will fuel my pursuit and enable me to continue capturing these awe-inspiring moments.

Electric Dreams