Hi, I am Alfredo!

I build digital products

Alfredo Juárez is a tech entrepreneur standing at the fine intersection of Business, Product and User Experience. When he’s not helping entrepreneurs shaping the future of their companies, he’s making his customers thrive at their industries by developing customer-centric products at Juvasoft.


I started to build websites for fun and profit when I was 18 years old. Ever since, I have been involved in dozens of startup projects. Of course, many of them never took off, but all of them have contributed to shape my career.

Back in 2013, when I was still building custom software, I stumbled into a very common problem: small and mid-sized businesses in Mexico were still using pen and paper to manage their operations. After speaking with hundreds of business owners, I launched Cloudadmin, which got backed by 500 Startups LatAm (Batch 2, Spring 2013) and 9MileLabs (Cohort II, Winter 2014).

It was at my tenure with Cloudadmin that put me at the intersection of Business and Product. Leading the company at an executive level, made me understood how to prioritize the Product Roadmap based on quantitative and qualitative data. I learnt how to deal with customers, development, marketing, sales and investors.

Public Speaker

I love to share my ideas. I love to make people think. Speaking to an equally passionate audience gives me all the pleasure a speaker can ask for. I am currently speaking on Product Management, building products people love, User Experience and Entrepreneurship.