Wyvern's Waltz

A Dance of Storm and Lightning

Alfredo J.Alfredo J. | July 21, 2023 | Categories: stormchasing, english | Tags: stormchasing, storms, lighting, bolts, monsoon, sinaloa, culiacan, miops, sony, sonyalpha, nikon

Wyvern's Waltz


In the realm of storm chasing, there lies a world of untamed beauty, where the forces of nature converge in a mesmerizing dance of power and grace. For me, storm chasing is not merely a pursuit of art but a calling—an opportunity to unveil the hidden marvels that exist all around us. As a passionate photographer, I embarked on a journey to capture the essence of the Monsoon in my beloved home state of Sinaloa, Mexico. Little did I know that this quest would lead me to encounter a spectacle that transcended time itself—a moment that I now share with you as Wyvern's Waltz: A Dance of Storm and Lightning.

The Calling of the Monsoon

The idea of storm chasing had always fascinated me. The allure of capturing the raw power of thunderous storms and electric displays filled me with excitement. Last year, I dabbled in storm chasing, drawn by the beauty of storm photographs and the challenge they presented. But this year, something called me back to the heart of the Monsoon, to Sinaloa and Sonora, where the perfect conditions brew the most potent storms known to man.

The Quest for Truth and Purpose

As I prepared to document the Monsoon, I uncovered a deeper purpose to my artistry. Conversations with weather experts revealed the stark reality—a lack of weather stations in our region that hindered the collection of vital data for accurate forecasts. I realized that my art could be a catalyst for change, a means to support the establishment of better meteorological coverage in my homeland, potentially saving lives in the future. This became my mission, my legacy—to use my passion for storm chasing to drive attention, raise funds, and support the cause of weather safety in Sinaloa.

Encountering the Wyvern

Amidst the tumultuous journey, I found myself face to face with a moment of pure enchantment. On July 20th, 2023, the Monsoon bestowed upon me a gift of otherworldly splendor—a bolt of lightning that bore the form of a legendary wyvern, straight out of medieval tales. Graceful and majestic, it soared through the darkened skies, trailing sparks of electricity as it danced its celestial waltz. In that breathtaking moment, I witnessed the harmonious marriage of raw power and ethereal beauty—a convergence of the elements and the magical creatures that once captivated the minds of ancient storytellers.

Wyvern's Waltz: A Dance of Storm and Lightning

The photograph that encapsulates this wondrous encounter, Wyvern's Waltz, embodies the essence of the Monsoon's might and the mythical allure of a dragon-like creature. Its name pays homage to the legendary wyvern, resonating with a sense of wonder about medieval marvels and enchantment.

A Journey of Wonder

Beyond the visual spectacle lies a deeper message—one that invites all to embrace the beauty and magic that surround us, to savor the enchantment of the world, and to recognize the significance of pursuing passions and uncovering hidden marvels. With every click of my camera, I seek to inspire hearts, to remind others that life's true essence lies not in the burdens of daily responsibilities but in the pursuit of dreams and exploration of the world in full bloom.


As I share this tale and the photograph Wyvern's Waltz: A Dance of Storm and Lightning, I extend an invitation to each of you—to embark on your own journey of wonder, to celebrate the power of dreams, and to embrace the untamed beauty that lies hidden in every storm. May this photograph serve as a timeless reminder of the magnificence that surrounds us, urging us all to seek out the marvels of life and to dance with nature's power and grace.

Join me on this adventure, where the echoes of medieval marvels converge with the wonder of modern discovery. Let us be captivated by the storms of life, and in doing so, let our spirits soar like the mythical wyvern, igniting the skies with a dance of thunder and lightning.

Sharing my journey with you fills me with excitement. I am determined to continue chasing these electrifying storms relentlessly throughout the season. I invite you to join me on this exhilarating adventure, where you will witness my passion, efforts, and love for this craft. Through my photographs, I hope to inspire and connect with you, making you an integral part of my journey. Should you feel compelled to support me, whether by purchasing prints, digital collectibles, or any other form of support, your contribution will fuel my pursuit and enable me to continue capturing these awe-inspiring moments.