Celebrating Our Journey

Introducing My Art Collector's Rewards

Alfredo J.Alfredo J. | June 17, 2023 | Categories: nfts, art collection, digital collectibles, rewards | Tags: nfts, art collection, digital collectibles, rewards, cazandocielos

Celebrating Our Journey

Hello, beautiful souls!

Over the years, you've embraced my work, followed my journey, and become a cherished part of my creative journey. Today, I am thrilled to introduce a way to give back to you: the Cazando Cielos Art Collector's Rewards system.

Why a Rewards System? The answer is simple: I appreciate you. Your support, dedication, and passion for my art don't go unnoticed. This Rewards System is a thank you note, a token of my gratitude, and a celebration of the relationship between artist and collector. It is my way of acknowledging your role in my journey and highlighting how integral each one of you is to the world of art we are creating together.

Without further ado, let's dive into the rewards.

Art Connoisseur

To those who have curated a collection of at least five pieces, I see your passion. It's your love for my art that keeps me going. As a thank you, once you've collected five of my pieces (either 1/1's or editions), you will be eligible to claim a unique 1/1 piece.

Now, since I won't be able to keep track of every one of you, and this is a multi-contract reward, it'll be the collector's responsibility to reach out and claim the reward once they've accumulated 5 of my tokens in their collections.

Legacy Holder

For those who have invested in my limited editions, you hold a piece of my legacy. In recognition, when a limited edition series sells out, I'll create a claim page where each holder can claim a free companion piece. For example, for Eclipsed Moon, my first sold out series, I created a claim page for each holder to claim a companion photo from the same eclipse event.

1/1 Champions

Since curation is an important part of every collection, there's a high chance great photos don't make the cut, but that doesn't mean they are not worth it, so, with that in mind, once a 1/1 collection is sold out, every holder from that collection gets to claim a free edition with the best photography that didn't make the final cut.

This is my way to celebrate the curation process and your discerning taste.

Full set holders

To the brave and passionate collectors who manage to acquire every piece of a single 1/1 collection, you truly are conquerors. As a reward for this exceptional feat, you will receive a unique, exclusive piece, specially crafted to reflect the spirit of the collection you've assembled.

Timeless Supporter

Your long-term faith in my work has been a pillar of strength in my journey. If you've been collecting at least one piece (either editions or 1/1's) for at least three consecutive years, you are a legend.

Expect a unique digital token as my way of saying thank you.

Early Bird

For those quick to snatch up new releases, I see your eagerness and excitement. All collectors who purchase a piece within the first 48 hours of a new release will get a special recognition.

Bidder's Edition

Lastly, the usual one, for every bid placed on my 1/1 collections with a reserve price, you will receive a free bidders edition.


A little thank you for each step you take with me.

As we move forward together, I want you to know how integral you are to my journey. As a full-time artist, I rely heavily on the sales of prints and NFTs to fund my work. Every single collector is a vital part of this ecosystem, enabling me to continue creating and exploring. Whether it's venturing out to a new location, chasing storms, or capturing the majestic Milky Way, every artwork sold contributes directly to my ability to create.

This journey is truly a two-way street: as I produce art, my collectors provide the support needed to continue this endeavor. As I grow, so do my collectors, and I believe it's only fair that you share in the fruits of our mutual growth. These rewards are my way of ensuring that happens.

To discover my available works, take a look at cazandocielos.eth.co. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, or Youtube for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes peeks into my creative process.

Let's continue this wonderful dance of creation and appreciation. Your support means more to me than I can put into words, and I'm excited about where our shared passion for art will lead us next.

Here's to more art, more creativity, and more shared moments.

Clear skies.